Timeless Anti-Aging Serum -50ml

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For the more mature skin. Absolutely moisturizing, tightens pores, treats spots and improves skin elasticity!

Timeless Anti-Aging serum contains Rosehip and Sweet Almond oil together with Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose and Rose Geranium and other amazing essential oils.

(Nut Free Timeless Anti-Aging Serum is also available with Grape Seed oil instead of Sweet Almond oil)

Frankincense essential oil is famous for wrinkle reducing, treating age spots and scars. It reduces large pores and tightens the skin. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory and improves skin elasticity and tone. 

Myrrh essential oil is a powerful antioxidant, it moisturises the skin, prevents aging and stimulates new cell generation.

MYRRH represents Healing and is one of the most important ingredients of the TIMELESS Anti-Aging Serum.

MYRRH has amazing anti-aging properties, combats fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the immune system, heals eczema and wounds, reprograms incorrect cellular DNA and assists with emotional balance.

MYRRH means ‘bitter’ and is referred to in the Bible as the Balm of Gilead. It was one of the gifts that the wise men gave to baby Jesus and also used to anoint the body of Jesus before His burial.

Jesus gave His life as the greatest sacrifice for all mankind. He took the bitter cup of all our sins and became the most beautiful fragrance unto the Father. In this way He brought Healing to all mankind.

MYRRH symbolises a life of intimacy with Christ and true discipleship. By ‘dying to ourselves’ and following in Jesus’ footsteps we also become a sweet myrrh fragrance unto our King.

MYRRH is also mentioned in the preparation treatment that Eshter received (Est 2:12), Joseph’s trade (Gen 37, 43), David’s fragrant robes (Ps 45), and in Song of Solomon 1:13, 5:1, just to name a few.

Rose Geranium essential oil tightens, brightens and removes old skin cells.

Rosehip oil moisturises the skin and improves skin texture.

Timeless Anti-Aging oil is for everyone who needs spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Timeless Anti-Aging serum is used after cleansing and toning the skin and before applying your regular moisturiser. Apply once/twice daily depending on how dry your skin is. 

Allergies: This product does contain nut oil.

The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, is of great worth in God’s sight.”  1 Peter‬ ‭3:4‬