Sowing into the Kingdom

Thank you for supporting our vision of getting the WORD into every home

Tehillah is taking hands with Trans World Radio Woman of Hope SA in reaching out to especially woman who are needy, illiterate, too old to read their Bibles and to people who have never heard the gospel of Christ. We also want to get Bibles back into hotel rooms, rehabilitation centres, schools, orphanages, and old age homes.

Bible poverty remains a huge challenge in South Africa. Although the Bible is readily available for purchase, it is often too expensive for people living below the breadline to afford.

This project reaches out to any local language group, but will focus on the need of the Afrikaans speaking communities. There are 6.9 million South Africans who speak Afrikaans as their home language. This includes white, black, coloured and Indian people in South Africa, Africa, Namibia, New Zealand, Australia, England and many other countries.

We would like to use all funds raised to buy and distribute Bibles and Audio Bibles. To put a Bible in someone's hand cost around R100.

Audibibles are solar powered, rechargeable, hand-held audio players in a robust package about the size of a mobile phone, capable of playing back thousands of hours of high quality audio content. These audibles cost R400 each and will be uploaded with the Bible in a specific language as well as relevant TWR programmes.

This is a way for each one of us to sow into the Kingdom through donating or through buying from Tehillah products. 10% of the cost of every purchase will be allocated towards the TWR Woman of Hope projects in south Africa.

You can also make a further donation when checking out! Thank you