Prayer Mantle NAMES of GOD / NAME van GOD Gebedsmantel

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The Prayer Mantle (tallit) originated in the Old Testament books of Numbers and Deuteronomy and it is a reminder that God is with us. 

When we use it today it symbolically implies that we are set apart unto God and it creates a space wherein it is easier to focus on Him, meditate on the word, pray and listen to His voice. 

The Prayer Mantle can also be used as a throw over a table, chair or bed. It is a beautiful compliment to any existing decor and reminds us of God's words daily.

This beautiful Prayer Mantle is printed on high quality fabric, is durable, colorfast and wrinkle resistant. The Prayer mantles are packaged in a beautiful velvet bag with the Tehillah logo on.

The Yahweh prayer mantle is also available with the lighter background (similar to I AM)
Yahweh and I Am prayer mantels are available with floral background or lines ons the sides as per images.

Dimensions: 140 x 70cm (fringe excluded)

This Prayer Mantle has the NAMES OF GOD printed on and is available in English and in Hebrew/English combination.


God, The Creator, Lord God Almighty, All Sufficient One, The Most High God, The God who sees me, The Lord will provide, I AM, The Lord who heals you, The LORD my Banner, The Lord my Sanctifier, The God of Compassion, The Faithful God, My Shield, My Sword, My Redeemer, My Strength, My Deliverer, My Rock, My Shepherd, My Saviour and my Deliverer, My Stronghold and my Strong Tower, The Living God, The Lord Is There, The Lord our Righteousness, The LORD is Peace, The LORD of Hosts, The LORD mighty in Battle, The Everlasting God, The Lord Will Provide, Alpha and Omega, Immanuel, King of kings, Light of the World


ELOHIM - God, The Creator, EL SHADDAI - Lord God Almighty, All Sufficient One, EL ELYON - The Most High God, ADONAI - Lord, Master, EL ROI - The God who sees me, YEHOVAH YIREH - The LORD will provide, YEHOVAH - I AM, LORD, Self Existent One, YEHOVAH RAPHA - The LORD who Heals, YEHOVAH NISSI - The LORD my Banner, YEHOVAH M’KADDESH - The LORD who Sanctifies, EL RACHUM - The God of Compassion, EL EMUNAH - The Faithful God, YEHOVAH MAGEN – Yehovah a Shield, YEHOVAH CHEREB – Yehovah a Sword, Ha GO’EL - The Redeemer, YEHOVAH TSURI – Yehovah my Rock, YEHOVAH RO’IH – Yehovah My Shepherd , YESHUA HaMASHIACH – Yeshua the Anointed One, EL CHAI - The Living God, YEHOVAH SHAMMAH – The Lord is Here, YEHOVAH TZIDKENU - The Lord our Righteousness, YEHOVAH SHALOM - The LORD is Peace, YEHOVAH TZEVAOT - The LORD of Hosts, YEHOVAH GIBBOR MILCHAMAH - The LORD mighty in Battle, EL OLAM - The Everlasting God, YEHOVAH YIREH - The Lord our Provider, ALEV AND TAV – Beginning and end, IMMANUEL, King of kings, Light of the World