Prayer & Devoltional Products

It is a new season for Tehillah and we want to start by giving all the glory to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!!

Our desire is to create and manufacture products that will assist every believer to draw closer to God and to make her home a place of worship unto the King.

Spending time in prayer is such an important part of our relationship with our Lord and that is why we felt lead to design prayer mantles and prayer cushions for this purpose.

The Prayer Mantle (tallit) originated in the Old Testament books of Numbers and Deuteronomy and it is a reminder that God is with us.

SHOFARS are instruments of God, used for worship and as weapons of warfare.
(Psalms  98:6 Psalm 150)

When we use it today it symbolically implies that we are set apart unto God and it creates a space wherein it is easier to focus on Him, meditate on the word, pray and listen to His voice.