My Journey with Psalm 91 - a Testimony

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This is my story and journey with Psalm 91


My husband and I were in an extremely difficult situation. We were desperate.

My journey began when my hairdresser and I had a chat whilst doing my hair. We have become friends. Our discussion went about God never sending direct messages. I would always tell my friends if they said they were praying about a matter that God never leaves a note telling one “exactly’ what to do. However God proved me wrong!

I flew up to Johannesburg for my daughter-in-law’s kitchen tea, feeling exhausted, helpless and desperate. I was accommodated by my niece, upon arrival in her home I was sitting on her couch and my head turned towards her front door. Above her door was the slogan on a banner Ps 91”He will cover and protect you under His wings”.  It spoke to me, but I left it at that. My niece then decided we needed to go out for coffee and cheese cake at a nearby popular restaurant. On our return to her home I checked my phone for any messages from my family. My daughter had sent me a message, and that was when I knew that God was working His miracles in my life. The message was from her mother-in law, and it said, “I have been praying for you and the Lord has put it upon my heart to share with you Psalm 91, “He will cover and protect you under his wings”.

Both my niece and I immediately realised the significance of this message. Needless to say the Blessings never ended there. It was an extremely cold week-end that particular week-end and my niece offered me a jacket, I told her that she was far smaller than me, but she insisted we go and take a look at her wardrobe. The first attempt was futile, but the second jacket she took out was a perfect fit, as if it had been made for me. A beautiful mustard jacket! The strangest thing then occurred, without me even trying to say a word, words just flowed out of my mouth… all I need is the “faith of a mustard seed ”..once again I realised that God was taking control of this situation. Both my niece and I were in awe of what was taking place in her home.

Needless to say the weekend turned out to be a beautiful blessing.

But that is not where my story ends…the miracle was only beginning to unfold.

When I got home I took out my bible and went and read Psalm 91 a few times.

I eagerly waited for my husband to come home that after-noon so that I could share Psalm 91 with him and the events of the week-end.

I put a book mark in the bible and left it at that.

Later that after-noon I was sitting waiting at the back stairs of my home for my husband when I saw my dog chewing the bookmark, I do not know how the bible managed to open to Psalm 91 and how the bookmark landed in my dogs mouth. But God was not yet finished with me. I knew I had another bookmark tucked away in a drawer for many years that a special friend had given me. I went to look for it, not remembering what was written on it….lo and behold..what was on the book mark….”Psalm 91”.

My husband turned 60 at my son’s wedding and I thought if very fitting to have the banner Psalm 91 made for him as a gift by Tehillah. I also decided to have another two made for my son and daughter. Kahrien did not have stock and went the extra mile to have them made in time for the wedding.

We returned home and we all hung our banners above our front doors. My other daughter who was here from Germany hinted that she would also like to take a Psalm 91 banner back with her to Germany, what a blessing for me to take our’s down and gift her with our Ps 91 banner.

My niece immediately ordered another two banners – she gifted us with a new one and her mother as well, who lives close to us.

Regardless of all these wonderful incidents we still had a huge burden upon our shoulders that was not yet resolved.

On the day of our court case, we had an army of praying people. My niece in particular prayed for “supernatural” powers to take control of the situation. To cut a long story short… we were protected and every-thing we prayed for happened just as God had promised it  would.

And in signing off…

This past Sunday I bumped into a friend in Pick ‘ n Pay and I was called upon by God to give testimony there and then, so I was obedient, however uncomfortable I was sharing my story amongst shoppers, my friend listened with abated breath. At the end of my testimony we both had tears in our eyes, but the story does not end there. We gave each other a hug and then she pulled up her sleeve, and what did she reveal? On her inner arm she had a tiny tattoo…yes…you guessed correct…Psalm 91!!!!

I know my journey with the Lord has only started and it is with great excitement that I share my journey with the Lord.

Rikki Dunn


The Tehillah Team

Thank you Rikki, for sharing your journey with the Lord and Psalm 91 with us. We are encouraged to know that God is using Tehillah products to touch people's lives and to take the Word into all the nations! Be Blessed!



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