Names of God Prayer Mantle - a Testimony

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Good day. I would like to share my experience with you TODAY regarding a prayer mantle that I bought from Tehillah.
In December 2021 I order one of your prayers mantles. I wanted the one that said "Yeshua". I was so exited because it carries all the meanings that Yeshua has in Life!.
I went to pick up the mantle and it was packed with so much Beauty!!! I did not open it when I received it. It was so fancy that I didn't want to take it out of the beautiful bag. One evening I was praying and I felt that I need the prayer mantle to cover me, I took it out and saw it wasn't the one I ordered, it was the one that says "I Am", also with the meanings of the Lord. I wanted to change it but in my Spirit I just had this peace to just leave it because it still has the Meanings of Who Yeshua is to me.
My daughter has a friend that lost her son and she was going through a terrible time. We were at my daughter's house and this lady had a breakdown and I started praying for her and I thought I wish I had the prayer mantle with me to cover her. I thank the Lord Yeshua for stepping in and recover her.
Well a month past and I went to that lady for a facial cause that's what she does. Just before I left my house the Holy Spirit said I must take my prayer mantle with and I thought I had to pray for her with the mantle. When I arrived at her house we started talking and she said to me she doesn't know who she is anymore and she knows the Lord very well and I took the prayer mantle out and showed it to her and she took it out of my hand and saw that it said "I Am" with all Yeshua's meanings of who He is in our lives, she just squeezed it against her chest and said that the Lord is always on time! I gave my mantle to her and she is praying and sleeping with the mantle so that YESHUA can remind her every day and night WHO she IS in JESUS CHRIST our MESSIAH!!!
I Praise the King of Kings that HE is ALWAYS ON TIME with HIS HEALING PROCESS. May the Lord Bless you ubandantly and that we will continue to pray for each other and have our Prayer Mantles to be covered by His Blood and PRECENSE In Yeshua Messiah. AMEN 
Hannelie Heymans

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